Bushwalkers Pilgrimage 2017

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NOTE: Registrations for the event are now closed.

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A big welcome to everyone who has registered for the Pilgrimage weekend in Killarney. The great news is we currently have 200 like-minded enthusiastic bushwalkers converging on the Killarney Showgrounds, from a variety of South East Queensland clubs. It will be a great time to mix and mingle, make new friends or catch up with ones you’ve met previously at other events. Welcome packs will be handed out on arrival with all the information you’ll need but you can find walk/activity details and walk gradings on the site to start making decisions on which one you want to nominate for. Don’t worry about printing anything at the moment, your welcome pack will contain all you need including your meal vouchers, a map of the showgrounds, a map of Killarney, a program and your wristband (to be worn at all times over the weekend).

As you approach the showgrounds, you will see the first gate has the YHA Bushies banner and the BCBC banner proudly displayed on the wire fence. The YHA club gazebo and table will be set up at the gate and volunteers will give you a quick rundown on directions to the buildings and the areas for camping.

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N.B. Please be very careful with glass in the area, dispose of bottles in the bins provided and report any breakages where you can’t recover all the broken pieces.

Program of events

We will be opening the grounds from Friday midday for your arrival and envisage the activities finishing around midday on Sunday. The final program of events will be in your welcome packs but we have included a preliminary program below. Just be aware that things might change between now and then.

 Walk Information       |       Walk Gradings


Midday – gates open
12.30pm – Welcome Packs Available for pickup (till 10pm)
12.30pm – Wander into town with your wristband and visit the Heritage Centre or lunch in town
1:00pm – Browse around the walk information till nominations open 7:30pm
1:00pm – Till 7:30pm Browse around the walk information till nominations open in building #4.
6:00pm – Fire Pits in front of the Pavilion in building #4.
7:00pm – Welcome to Country in building #4.
7:30pm – Walks Open for Nominations in building #4.
7:45pm – Early Bird Prize Draw (Name will be posted on a display board if the winner is late arriving).
8:00pm – DVD Killarney Tornado Aftermath (to be left on re-run through the night) in building #4.
8:00pm – Light supper consisting cup of soup, bread, Tea and Coffee in building #2.
(NB some people have referred to this as Friday dinner. This is not intended to be a full meal, please don’t abuse this supper)
8:30pm – Before retiring for the night check the walk list for cancellations or transport info and confirm start time of your walk in building #4.


6:00am – Welcome packs can still be picked up until 8am if not collected Friday night in building #2.
Assemble for your walk at the allotted time in building #2
Shower on your return from the walk to avoid congestion in any of the ablution blocks (buildings #3).
5:30pm – 6:30pm present your meal ticket at any time for dinner serving in building #5.
(NB seconds not available till everyone has returned from walks and had a chance to grab their meal)
7:00pm – Bushdance commences in building #5 - there is a licensed bar NO BYO.


7:00am – Bird watch walk at Queen Mary Falls. Meet at building #2.
7:00am – Yoga (bring a mat or something to lie on) in building #2.
7:00am – 8:30am present your meal ticket at any time for breakfast in building #5.
(NB seconds not available till everyone has returned from morning activities and had a chance to grab their meal)
8:15am – Bike Ride – Tour de Cambanoora (the 14 River Crossings) Meet at building #2.
9:00am – FMR Self Rescue (includes ankle strapping and stretcher making) in building #2.
11.30am – Closing and handing over of the Pilgrimage Boot to the next organising club in building #2.

Ridgee Didge in action at the Jondaryan Woolshed.