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Lizard - Steamers panorama by Greg Neill.

News Alert:The National Park containing Blackfellows Knob is currently closed due to fires (past and present). We are in daily contact with the Head Ranger to keep us up to date with conditions and the opening of access to the park, as we do have walks that are planned in this area (Hello Dolly!, The Cavern and Clifftops over Cambanoora). It was/is a low intensity fire and the canopy has not been affected. We were granted access Wed 30th Aug to survey the route the 3 walks take. The fire has burned the steep slope from the management track to near the ridgetop but the top remains untouched at this stage. There is little risk from falling trees as the large hollow ‘chimney’ trees were burnt down. People will need to be alert for any trees/branches in the damaged areas en route to their destination and to be careful of loose rocks and soil, especially on descent where the lack of grass may impact the stability.

Notes for participants:

  • All walkers must have appropriate footwear, gear (including a light first aid kit), water and food. If you are new to bushwalking, check your club’s guidelines.* Walk descriptions will advise any special gear requirements.
  • Please offer drivers reasonable compensation for fuel and wear and tear, based on distance travelled and how many other passengers there are.
  • Some walks require four wheel drives to access. If you don’t have one, talk to the leader.
  • Only walks that attract at least two participants in addition to the leaders will proceed.
  • A “w” after the grade indicates a walk that will have to be cancelled if the weather is too wet.

NB: Please check the Walk Gradings page before nominating for a walk.
Download a PDF containing the full walk descriptions and gradings.

Saturday Walk listing

Click on a walk name below for the description. The walks are ordered geographically to assist with logistics. All information is subject to change.

Walk NameWalk LeadersGradeParticipant NumbersMeeting Time|
Swan Knoll / Mt HuntleyMike Wood & Gerry BurgesM77Limit 12Meet 6.45
Sentinel PointIan Savage & Jason StoneM56Limit 12Meet 7:30
The Steamer Range and Davies RidgeIain Renton & Terry SilkL67Limit 12Meet 6:45
Paddy's Knob CircuitJenni & Stan PearceM44Limit 15Meet 8:15
Gambubal Rd - Condamine RiverGreg Neill & Don WattS45Limit 15Meet 8:15
Hello Dolly!Ian Murdoch & Paul CridlandS55Limit 10Meet 8:00
Clifftops Over CambanooraRosemary Niehus & Peter HallS45Limit 16Meet 8:30
The CavernBernadette Hill & Ray YoungS45Limit 12Meet 8:15
Warwick History and River WalkJackie Wilson & Barbara KiddS11Limit 12Meet 8:15
Keyhole FallsMatt Palmer & Anthony DolanM57wLimit 12Meet 7:45
The Veranda and Wilson’s CreekRay Holloway & Krystyna MajcherowiczS55wLimit 12Meet 8:30
Lizard PointMichael Simpson & Karen FranklinM57Limit 12Meet 7:30
Mt Superbus and Lincoln WreckDoug McDonald & Graeme WoodM55Limit 12Meet 7:30
Teviot FallsPeter Rollings & Maria BowdlerS53Limit 12Meet 8:15
Wilson’s Peak CircuitRuss & Jan NelsonM44Limit 12Meet 7:30
The Bunny HopHeydi van Mourik & Annie HayesS33 + S54Limit 20Meet 8:15
Rainforest and WaterfallsToni Strozkiy & Sarah LejeuneS22Limit 16Meet 8:30
Queen Mary Falls to Blackfellows FallsDavid & Tina RobertsonM44Limit 16Meet 8:00

Sunday Activities

ActivityLeadersGradeParticipant NumbersMeeting Time
Sunday Bird WalkGreg and Annette Neill / Ann Tracey  7.00
Sunday Morning YogaDenise Libien  7.00
Sunday Bike Ride – Tour de CambanooraJenni Pearce / Stan Pearce / Edwin Clarke / Don WattDistance: 21.7 km. Terrain: Generally downhill. Pace: Leisurely. Duration: 2 ½ hrs (max)Unlimited8:15
FMR Self RescueDoug McDonald & Heydi van Mourik  9.00